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 - Tatler (RUS)Tatler has become a full, up-to-date and beautiful magazine about fashion and high life that is still in full swing here in Russia. Tatler means reports from private parties, interviews with most asked-for celebrities and, certainly, the latest trends. Our photo sessions were highly estimated by both readers and advertisers  ...

 - TaVa ProgrammaVispilnīgākā TV Programma – 34 kanāli, 5 radio programmas. Filmu un seriālu anotācijas, izklaides ziņas, aktuālas intervijas un atpūtas lappusīte. Kino un teātru afiša. 

 - Teater.Muusika .Kino 

 - Tehnikamaailm 

 - Televīzijas Programma 

 - Tervis Pluss 

 - Tevijas SargsThis edition offered on special request: agenturapks@gmail.com; phone +371 67320148. Prices and other information we provide to you individually. And also, if necessary, we will recommend other options for replacing the edition on the same subject. 

 - The Baltic TimesThe Baltic Times - The only pan-Baltic English language weekly - is an independent source of comprehensive and timely information on the political and social issues, business, finance, education and culture of the Baltic region. 


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